We go backstage in Inglewood, California, to find out how Guns N' Roses are benefitting from a new JH Audio in-ear monitoring setup, which is enabling them to hear things they've never quite heard before..!

Guns N' Roses haven't always been advocates of in-ears - like a lot of the mega rock and rollers in the biz, straight up wedges and ear-piercingly loud amp stacks are pretty much commonplace. Duff McKagan, bassist, says the transition was initially quite an undertaking.

"In-ears are brand new thing to me; the JH Audio team paid personal attention to Slash and I, just because we hadn't used in-ears before; and they wanted to make the experience a good first impression," he explains. "When we got in during the first week of January and tried the in-ears, I had all the low end, I had 'real' drum kit, and my bass had a lot of growl and depth and grit; and Slash's guitar I had at the exact volume I need in my left ear, and Richard [Fortus, guitarist] in my right ear.

"Making the switch has made this tour so much easier, and I never thought I would say that at the beginning of this! I think Jerry Harvey's company really went out of their way to make it a great experience."

“These are the best I've ever used," insists Richard Fortus, adding that he even has the JH logo on his ears. "I must have had a dozen pairs of ears, and these are far superior to anything I've ever used before."

Slash is using the Lola IEM, Jerry Harvey's newest piece, which the company founder belives to be his best product yet. Slash tends to agree:

"They just make a guitar sound more like a guitar," he says. "I could really hear what I was doing, and I had a mix that was consistent all around me, especially with these huge stages that we're playing. And so, you know, I started working with it."

"30 years or more of having no in-ears, that's a long time of doing what I do a certain way, and to change that... I'm a JH guy! I guess I might be that guy who carries their in-ears around with them! [laughs] We used to make fun of those guys, but I guess I am one of those guys," concludes McKagan, with a smile.

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Check out the video below featuring the band and their hard-working engineers, and learn about the difference in-ear monitoring can make to a band's setup, performance, and on stage experience...