Teletone Audio Scarbo + Postcard Piano

Teletone Audio I came across via a Facebook AD (true story) - and after listening to the demo of its first VI, Postcard Piano, I was instantly in need of it. Two weeks and three piano-led songs later, it had inspired me to create and collborate with several aspiring artists using this extremely cool little lo-fi piano.

When I saw that Scarbo - the company's second VI - was released last weekend, I got in there fast and made my second Teletone purchase. And as I'd hoped, it is an extraordinary VI library which fuses mood, movement, ambience, percussion, and a whole spectrum of colour which allows you to create anything from the darkest most haunting of tones to the ultra delicate and uplifting soundscapes.

In this video, I put together a track from scratch having never opened Scarbo before, and walk you through the intricacies of Postcard Piano.