Come Back Bigger

Over the last few months, we've been running our Come Back Bigger,Try This At Home competition in partnership with QSC, inviting Aspiring Headliners to test drive and review QSC's K Series full-range PA system at home during lockdown. Hats off to all involved, especially those who battled complaining neighbours and even a letter from the council regarding noise pollution..! Rock and roll, indeed! And a big congrats to Fuzz Skyler who were recently announced the winners. Here are some excerpts from three of our talented finalists.

Fuzz Skyler

Fuzz Skyler have weekly dreams about performing live and cannot wait to get back to it - it's the whole reason they became a band. So what better time to get a QSC K Series PA into their hands (the guys all live together, which was handy!) and see what they could do with it. They've recorded an exclusive live performance for us and talk us through the review process in these two great videos. "You're feeding energy to people and they're feeding it back to you; the feeling you get from performing live is unique, and nothing comes close to it. "We used the QSC speakers to do a live version of our newly-released single Recall. We did get some complaints from the neighbours... a letter from the council for using the system at 5pm, so we're glad to know we got told off for it, yeah!

"What we found so impressive about the speakers is their versatility - they're fantastic for front of house, directing sound at an audience, but they also work really great as wedges - when you're at the back [on the drums] it's always so difficult to hear yourself sing backing vocals, but not with these speakers. That was great."

"You could really hear the difference in the space between lead vocals and BVs - the overall sound of the PA is excellent..."

Shan Ako

Singer-songwriter and West End performer, Shan Ako, put the QSC K Series system through its paces from her home studio in London. Check out these two videos: a stunning live performance of an original song, and an interview. "I used the QSC system for playing guitar and singing through, as well as dancing around and enjoying other music! It depends on the type of gig I'm doing, but having a system like this I have needed in a few settings, especially when you're setting up everything yourself. "And this system really did exceed all my expectations - it's very easy to plug in and set up, the instructions were very clear, and the person who delivered it explained a few things to me which was really helpful. All the leads were provided, and the layout is excellent; I love how detailed the digital control system is at the back. And my favourite thing of all? The sound! It is really amazing, and when I play through it, I feel like I'm at a live gig; I am ready to go and perform right now!"

"My favourite thing about it? The sound! When I play through it, I feel like I'm at a live gig..!"

Harrison Walker

London-based songwriter Harrison Walker chats about performing live and waiting a year to get back on stage, like so many other artists. He throroughly enjoyed his time working with the QSC K Series PA, as he describes below: "In this video, I used the QSC studio as a full-range PA - we plugged in the speakers and subs into an interface, ran my guitar through it as well as lead vocals, a room mic for ambience, and my laptop had the backing track on. It sounded great. "The QSC system was super easy to set up, and in terms of expectations, it went above and beyond, to be honest; I'm used to playing in rubbish bars with rubbish PA systems so it's definitely a step up up from what I'm used to. Sound quality was dope - the bass was great but not too in your face, but also there are high cut and low cut features on the QSC tops which you can activate, which was really great. It's a super crisp, super clean system."

"The QSC PA went above and beyond expectations..."