Banx & Ranx

A production duo with a twist - Banx & Ranx have earned their place in the address books of Dua Lipa, Sean Paul, and Tinie Tempah - it's all about passion. The pair got to know each other over a few beers, went back to one of their apartments and started listening to a load of music, then started producing pop music together.

"We both had the same vision, and I had never met someone with the same goals as me, so it only made sense we had to do a project together," says Banx. "We started doing remixes, then we got proper management, then we got a publishing deal, then a record deal - out first big break as producers in the UK came through a backing track we wrote with Taio Cruz, which became Kiss Me by Olly Murs."

Watch the Movie

In the room, Banx & Ranx have had some pretty cool sessions ranging from Dua Lipa and Sean Paul to Jason Derulo and Tinie Tempah, as well as a lot of well-versed songwriters from the UK, US, and Sweden. They talk us through some of their experiences in this short film.